I was lucky enough to meet and photography one of our world's newest additions. She (name to be announced) is 10 days old here and was already full of zest. She didn't sleep during the whole shoot and even tried holding her head up now and then. Congratulations Rikke and Glenn on your beautiful baby girl!


Today was a beautiful day to be living in Oslo. The family spent the afternoon at Sognsvann, a lake on the outskirts of the city. We city folk need a little fresh air once and a while too. :) 

I like Birds.

I realized that over the last six months or so I have about 25 things I should/could have blogged, but didn't due to the simple fact that I am l-a-z-y I didn't. I then feel like I get too far behind and the photos become no longer relavent. But they I thought, well that's just silly. So here we go with one from the summer.

Håvard, Armas and I spent 4 days at Lake of the Woods after our wedding this summer. Here's part one, the birds.


Seagull baby

This pictures is a lot further away than I would have liked, but this was the view from our cabin. Everyone morning there were a bunch of bald eagles gathered here. Makes me want one of the super huge long lenses that costs one trillion dollars. It would have been worth it to see a close up look of these eagles faces.

Congratulations Dad and Lori!

My father and his fiance married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on Saturday September 19th in Winnipeg. They celebrated together with their children, grandchildren, family and close friends. More pics to come . . .


Look what I made today!

Lise's Baby Shower

Lise had a baby shower last weekend. Thanks to Nina and Kristina for the preparations. It was a surprise, and boy was she surprised. All in all a very koselig day.

Prague part I

Prague is an amazing city. I recommend it to anyone. It makes for a perfect long weekend trip. Håvard and I were there this past weekend, sans SLR camera. I forgot to charge my battery before we left so we were armed with only our point and shoot. This allowed us photographers the freedom to be just tourists. It was great.

Prague is all art and architecture. This is the place for anyone who enjoys the great structures. I was left with the impression that the Czech were, and to a point still are, fixed in tradtional, detailed beauty. I've never seen architecture like it. Even the modern buildings were peculiar. Cramped yet spacious. Wide-open long hallways, grand entrances, high ceilings. One feels the Russian influence softened by old Bohemian beauty. The city is drenched with intricate detail and without my camera I was able to just look and enjoy.

There is an enormous emphasis on art. I've never seen such talented street merchants. Galleries are everywhere, and full of people. There are photo shops, paint stores, and book stores gallore. While in Prague, one just becomes injected with a general heightened sence for the arts.

The city reeks of pork. Pork and fryers. The people aren't too friendly. I didn't get the feeling they were doing it on purpose, more so that thats just the way they are. The staff at our hotel were although quite friendly. Friendly without smiling. They are also efficient and curtious. The housekeeping lady said "Sorry" about 15 times after coming in our room to clean while we were still there there at 11am. (We slept well.) And on our way to back to the airport our hotel's chauffeur didn't bat an eye while driving 160 km/hr in an 80km zone.

All in all it was a lovely trip. Here's some pictures.

Mmm. One of Prauges highlights.
Look away all my vegan friends. Layered meats on a bed of pickled cabbage and dumblings. It was actually very good and I almost ate the whole thing. Note Håvards modest portion behind my tower of meat.

View from our balcony. National Museum at the top of the street.

The Dancing House. Look it up on google for much better pictures. An architectural colaboration between a Czech and a Canadian architect.

Fun statues and modest police door. This picture doesn't show it well, but this door was so tiny. One would have to duck considerable to come in. (They also eat a lot of duck in Prague).

Lots of these in Prague.

Lots of people in Prague.

By night.

Hot and sweaty us.

Who doesn't love these rooftops?

An evening stroll.

I liked this fellow.

Possibly my favorite picture from the trip - a group of muslim youth perched upon a christian monument.