I like Birds.

I realized that over the last six months or so I have about 25 things I should/could have blogged, but didn't due to the simple fact that I am l-a-z-y I didn't. I then feel like I get too far behind and the photos become no longer relavent. But they I thought, well that's just silly. So here we go with one from the summer.

Håvard, Armas and I spent 4 days at Lake of the Woods after our wedding this summer. Here's part one, the birds.


Seagull baby

This pictures is a lot further away than I would have liked, but this was the view from our cabin. Everyone morning there were a bunch of bald eagles gathered here. Makes me want one of the super huge long lenses that costs one trillion dollars. It would have been worth it to see a close up look of these eagles faces.

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