So here I am. I've gotten lazy with my camera in recent years. I rarely pick it up outside from the daily grind, 9-5. So the thought behind this blog is to force-inspire myself. I hope to maintain something along the lines of a "photo a day" post, fueled by the fear of peer scrutiny, forcing me to pick up my camera and be creative, even if it is only to take a picture of my feet. :)

So I'll start off with something light. Something I did while on sick leave a couple weeks ago. The flower of all photogenic flowers - the tulip.

3 kommentarer:

Kris Kerzman for President 2024 sa...

I wanted to be your first kommentar. And I am!

Look forward to it. Be seeing you!

Al sa...

Dammit. Second kommentar.

Anyway, cool! I don't get to see enough Jacqueline pictures these days.

Britta Trygstad sa...

Hozzah! Third kommentar.

Can't wait for more, more, more!