Open Skies

I've recently recovered a long lost hard disk from my old computer and am having a lovely time going through old photos. I came across some of these that I don't think I've posted before...

Roof top - Oslo

Roof top - Oslo

Roof top - Oslo

Roof top - Oslo

Outside Kenora, On

Lake of the Woods, ON

Outside Crookston, MN

Lake of the Woods, ON

Outside Fargo, ND

Outside Crookston, ND

3 kommentarer:

Britta Trygstad sa...

I love all of these. You have such an interesting eye when it comes to color and the outdoors... #1 in particular.

#7 has got to be my favorite though. It looks like a stock photograph that would be used for something farm related... like bug killer or something.... Quirky and fun.

TheSeaWithin sa...

Jacqueline! Your photos are amazing!

Jacqueline DuBois sa...

Thanks Nadine! Your purses are amazing!